TOM WATTSartist.designer.developer


portrait of Tom Watts at Clyde Lake

It all started with awkward scribbles of capes, football stars and tiger teeth.

Over time, art became a passion, which has sharpened into focus for me personally and professionally. I currently split my creative time between the canvas and the keyboard. My paintings are inspired almost exclusively by nature, but my design work tends to focus on the bold clean use of color, typography and technology. As time has gone on, the line between the two has blurred and the two now heavily influence each other.

My design influences come primarily from film where art directors like John Hoesli (2001 A Space Odyssey), Hidefumi Hanatani (Kill Bill) and Dan Weil (The Fifth Element) showed me how powerful the bold and modern use of color, typography and composition can be. As for painting, I was heavily influenced by early landscape painters like Paul Brill and Gillis van Coninxloo, as well as the 19th century photographers and painters that captured the wilderness of the United States. Albert Bierstadt, Winslow Homer, John Muir, and Ansel Adams all inspired me to get off of my couch and put a pack on.