TOM WATTSartist.designer.developer

UC Davis Grand Canyon

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A fun ride down the Colorado River

My role:

  • Art direction
  • Sass
  • HTML
  • Javascript

UC Davis does some amazing research, and none of it is more exciting than the work done in the Grand Canyon. I was provided the opportunity to take a great story and some beautiful rich media and bring our audiences along for the ride. To honor the adventure of the trip I decided to make the site as immersive and interactive as possible. I designed a map-based navigation using interactive SVG's and flooded the stop pages with as much of the trip as possible. 360 videos, Gifs, ambient videos, interviews, sound clouds, everything I could fit. The resulting site went on to win several industry awards and is still floating viewers down the canyon.

To get the ambitious development plan going, I had to build the site from the bottom up. I coded all of the HTML, SASS and javascript from scratch. The biggest challenge was getting the SVG's to cooperate, but I felt the trade-offs were worth it.

UC Davis Grand Canyon website